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Including Samuel - Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
Before his son Samuel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about the inclusion of people with disabilities. Now he thinks about inclusion every day. Shot and produced over four years, Habib's award-winning documentary film, INCLUDING SAMUEL,…
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The Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited - China, Japan and the United States
Part of the Series: Preschool in Three Cultures Collection
The videos, which were shot in 2004, are of Komatsudani Hoikuen (Daycare Center) in Kyoto, Japan; Daguan Youeryuan (Kindergarten) in Kunming, China; St. Timothy's Child Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii; Madoka Yochien (Kindergarten) in Tokyo, Japan; Sinanlu Youeryuan (Kindergarten) in Shanghai,…
Who Cares About Kelsey? - Helping Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges Succeed
When Kelsey Carroll entered high school, she was a more likely candidate for the juvenile justice system than graduation. Diagnosed with ADHD and carrying the emotional scars of homelessness and substance abuse, as well as the actual scars of repeated…
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It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School
It's Elementary features elementary and middle schools where (mainly heterosexual) teachers are challenging the prevailing political climate and its attempt to censor any dialogue in schools about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Rather than focusing on the debate between…
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It's Still Elementary - Reexamining LGBT Issues in Schools
It's STILL Elementary examines the incredible impact of the groundbreaking original documentary, It's Elementary - Talking About Gay Issues in School. It's a great case study of how documentary filmmaking coupled with a robust grassroots campaign, can literally change the…
The Original The Preschool in Three Cultures
Part of the Series: Preschool in Three Cultures Collection
The Preschool in Three Cultures features typical days at Komatsudani Hoikuen in Kyoto, Japan; Dong Feng (Daguan) Youeryuan in Kunming, China; and St. Timothy's Child Center in Honolulu, U.S. This video was made from the original research videotape shot in…
Let's Get Real - Students on Bias & Bullying
With amazing courage and candor, students discuss racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and more. From the youth who are targeted, to the students who pick on them, to those who find the courage to intervene,…
Educating Peter
Winner: Academy Award(r) Documentary Short Subject When Peter Gwasdauskis, a child with Down syndrome, was mainstreamed into a public school, he had a lot to learn about dealing with differences--and so did his classmates. Filmed over the course of the…
Attachment in Practice
The quality of early attachment relationships is of central importance to children's social and emotional development. It is vital to their all round development. Shot over the first three years of an infant's life, the film shows the development of…
Peter Elbow: On Writing
Peter Elbow talks directly to students about the process of writing. Beginning with his own early difficulties with writing as a college student, Elbow provides insights into how one can work through writing problems. Full of detailed instruction and specific…
Richard Lavoie - The Motivation Breakthrough
Motivation is the key to learning. But very few parents and teachers have an effective arsenal of techniques at their disposal. With empathy and understanding, backed by decades of experience in the classroom, Rick Lavoie gives parents and teachers the…
Graduating Peter
Graduating Peter is the sequel to the Academy Award(r)-winning film Educating Peter . This inspiring and thought-provoking follow-up to the 1992 Academy Award-winning documentary Educating Peter highlights the experiences of Peter Gwasdauskis, a child with Down syndrome, in sixth grade,…
Talk to Me - Children with Autism
Adre, Emma, and Julian are in public school autism programs in Oakland, CA. This engaging film documents their lives at home and at school, and profiles the valiant efforts of their parents and teachers to help them reach their maximum…
The Wonder Year - First Year Development and Shaping the Brain
Documenting the amazing development and learning that takes place in a baby's first year, this film follows one baby from birth to twelve months, concentrating on physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The commentary explains what's behind seemingly simple everyday…
Thinking Critically
Episode 7 of How to Become a SuperStar Student 2nd Edition Course
Students turn to the second half of thinking: critical thinking, where they decide what to do with all their ideas. They explore how to evaluate evidence, recognize bias, distance themselves from emotions, use logic and reasoning, and much more.
The Power of Physical Play: Development and Effective Learning
How does physical play develop and motivate children to acquire effective learning strategies? The Power of Physical Play examines exactly how this type of play supports physical development from birth to seven-years-old. It also shows how physical play has such…
Normal People Scare Me Too - Exploring the Stigma Behind Autism
A decade after the award-winning film about autism, Normal People Scare Me , Taylor Cross is at it again in this sequel documentary wherein he interviews former and new cast members and family about attitudes and first-person perspectives/experiences in autism…
Working Cooperatively in Groups
Episode 3 of How to Become a SuperStar Student 2nd Edition Course
Professor Geisen focuses on the techniques of effective group work. Students discover how to structure their group to use everyone's strengths; how to avoid the dangers of insensitivity by communicating with tact; and how to reach a consensus using a…
The Montessori Method
Italian physician Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method of teaching in the early 1900's while observing that children learn best when engaged in purposeful activity. Dr. Montessori inspired a movement that enabled children to teach themselves through sensory-rich, hands-on materials,…
Understanding Your Unique Intelligence
Episode 1 of How to Become a SuperStar Student 2nd Edition Course
In this introductory episode, students learn what intelligence is, how it reveals itself in multiple ways (including visual, spatial, interpersonal, and logical intelligence), and several characteristics that all great students share.