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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

A beautifully done, honest, touching film. Some hilarious moments, and some painful moments.

Anonymous picture

Very thoughtful movie. Well acted, Brandon and Samantha are great portraying their characters. Not sure at the beginning what to expect but as the movie progressed i learned more about LD and how trivial tasks for regular people could be challenging for others. I was also wondering about the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Well done.A tribute to the autistic community.

Anonymous picture

Very touching and enjoyable movie

Anonymous picture

Beautiful movie. It's refreshing to see the love story movie of people with autism. I like it. The lines that remains ;
. I liked her because she was weird. I am weird too.

Anonymous picture

Really sweet flick. Nice to see characters of all body types present. Not your typical Hollywood "pretty people" film. Quality movie. Good Job.

Anonymous picture

The end makes it worth while... Tender and surprising